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And all this harm was done with money stolen from us, just to add insult to injury. I don't particularly thirst for punishment of those involved, but I'd like their names and crimes to be recorded for all to see, and any power over others that they hold permanently stripped.

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I come from the future, it's much better than this. I bring you this lines from a book published in the year 2295, about common slogans and memes of the Great World War of 2001-2084 fought between the gnomes and the reptilians, using humans as a proxy.

Pictures of T-shirts from demonstrations of October of 2024:

T-shirt #1: "Censorship has killed more people than cigarettes!"

T-shirt #2: "Bring back cigarettes!"

T-shirt #3: "Ban T-shirts for public health reasons!"

T-shirt #4: "Vote Bob Malone/Michelle Obama from the Republican Party!"

People were still very confused in 2024.

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