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No, We Weren't "in the Dark" About Early Treatment of Covid-19, or the Potential Dangers of the Vaccines

For the record.

This is an online debate I participated in, back in October of 2020. I’m not posting it to demonstrate how right I was (I was right), but as one more historical artifact, one more little piece of information to add to the pile, that shows that “we” were not “in the dark” about Covid-19 early on.

From very early on, we knew that a) SARS-Cov-2 was NOT a very deadly virus, and that it was only a threat to the elderly and immunocompromised; b) There were early treatments that were effective (IV Vitamin C – mere discussion of which was verboten in the US – was part of the official Chinese protocol very early on); c) Ventilators were killing patients; d) the vaccines were going to be a recklessly dangerous experiment; and e) discussion of these issues was being purposefully suppressed by government, the media, and social-media companies.

And now we have the receipts.

Anyone who tries to feed you the notion that the violations of our rights over the past three years were somehow justified because “we didn’t know what we were dealing with” (which still wouldn’t have justified any of it) is a liar.

They are not confused, they are not well-intentioned but mistaken. They are lying. And they are lying with the purpose of further manipulating you into accepting more, and more permanent, infringements on your most basic human freedom. “We didn’t know!” They squeal, while making absolutely no effort at undoing the preposterous rights abrogations they were complicit in enforcing.

They are running scared. The people who ruined – and even ended – countless other human lives with lies, brute force, and suppression of discussion, are now desperate to cover their tracks. And they’re doing it with more lies – because that’s all they know. They are begging us for “amnesty”:

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…because the results of their jackbooted policies are in, and they are exactly as some of us said they would be: Economic devastation, human misery, and now, a ballooning body count that nobody wants to talk about.

Poignantly tragic in all of this is the fact that so much of the harm done by the vaccines might have been avoided – many who were pressured into taking them might have resisted a bit more – had discussion of their dangers not been actively suppressed.

And now the excuse – the reason they should not be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity – is “we were in the dark”, “it was a novel virus – we didn’t know anything about it” (complete BS), “we couldn’t have known! How could we have known?”

Don’t believe a word of it. They were lying then and they’re lying now. And the only reason they are lying now about what they knew then is that they are afraid they might be held accountable. They’re scared.

They should be.

On the Banks
On the Banks