Oct 14, 2022 • 1HR 21M

When the Criminal Gangs Fight Amongst Themselves

A conversation with Tom Luongo

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Is there any hope at all of building and maintaining a free society? If so, how? If you are among "the remnant", this might be the show for you.
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We all know it's "one big club, and we're not in it..." but we also know it's not quite that simple. What happens when things start to go not so well for the "club", and the members start fighting with each other?

Tom Luongo explains - in plain language, for those who might not be following these folks as closely as he is - his view on the infighting that's happening right now. We talk about the nature of empire, who really controls Congress... and why the Fed might be one of the good guys at this moment in history.

...Sort of.

I'm really happy with this episode, because I think it's one of the clearest explanations of where Tom is coming from on all this. He goes into much more depth and detail elsewhere (see his podcast), but if you're not at all familiar with his position, I think our conversation here is a great place to start.

I was a guest on Tom's podcast, "Gold, Goats 'N Guns" recently. That episode is here.

You can find Tom's work here, and he is also on Twitter.

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