Sitemap - 2020 - On the Banks

Does America need to break up? With Mises Institute President Jeff Deist

Dr. Paul Thomas on the suspension of his medical license 5 days after his "vaxxed vs. unvaxxed" study was published

Empowering patients, and fighting medical authoritarianism, with Charles Frohman

The Centralized Economy Up Close - A Personal Story

Kevin McKernan on the review of the Corman-Drosten PCR methodology that he co-authored–and some words of appreciation for my listeners!

Ayurevedic Medicine and Covid-19, with Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya

What is "Non-Violent Communication" and what does it have to do with liberty? With Gretchen Wahlstedt

Why Japan is Different, ALSO: Next Week's Truly Indie Film Fest that You Won't Want to Miss

When Libertarians Cheer the Total State, with Don Boudreaux

Kevin Kiley on his court victory against CA Governor Newsom

Kerry McDonald on a powerful weapon against teen depression. Also: What to do about Halloween!

Kevin Kiley's Lawsuit Against Governor Newsom Could Set a Critical Precedent

Bad assumptions drive bad policy: Masks and viruses, with Roger Koops

"They could have done this on any cold virus" - Kevin McKernan on PCR deception

Swedish MD Sebastian Rushworth on why the herd immunity question is not as simple as it appears

Jeremy Hammond: Central planning is just as deadly in public health as anywhere else.

How the Great Barrington Declaration Came to Be, with AIER's Jeff Tucker

Sara Brady on resisting tyranny

Connor Boyack: Fighting the war for our children's minds

"Propaganda does not want any argument." A conversation with NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller

"Trump, Minneapolis, and the Divided State of America" - Independent journalist & filmmaker Brandon Ferdig talks about his latest documentary

Ivor Cummins on Pushing Back Against the Lockdowns, What to Expect in the Fall, & Why Information on Vitamin D is Being Censored

Want to fight the lockdowns? Send your sheriff to Virginia this month!

Are Immigration Restrictions Libertarian? With Todd Seavey

Ryan McMaken on Covid-19 Fearmongering

Daniel McAdams: What does totalitarian rule really look like?

Celeste McGovern: Why we should be very concerned about a Covid-19 vaccine

Sheriff Mack: What to Do About Tyrants

Marc Victor and "the world's only peace movement"

Rachel Mills on what we can learn from Haiti & how to best help those in developing countries

Peggy Hall on Unlawful Government "Orders"

James Maskell on finding health through functional medicine

Kerry McDonald on her debate with the Harvard prof who wants a "presumtive ban on homeschooling"

Jeff Tucker on Censorship of the Covid-19 Conversation

JJ Pavoni: From F-15 Pilot to Anarchocapitalist Conscientious Objector

Chris Calton on Defunding the police, and what institutionalized racism really means

Jeremy Hammond on the Great Mask Debate

Kerry McDonald on Homeschooling and the "New Normal"

Jim Bovard on holding the state accountable for its crimes

Rosemary Frei on what to expect next on the path to totalitarianism

Brandon Ferdig on the Minneapolis Riots, and the role of shallow conversation in fueling unrest

"Where Do We Draw Our Line in the Sand?" A Conversation with Sara Brady

Jeremy Hammond on how draconian responses to Covid-19 are an opportunity for health-freedom advocates

The Freedom Angels get ready to bring some love to Sacramento

The Tenth Amendment Center's Michael Boldin on People Taking Back Their Power

"There's Never Been A Police Presence Like That Before." (End the lockdown protests in Sacramento, May 1st)

Kevin McKernan on Covid-19: It's origins, how it may be changing the research process for the better, and why a vaccine is not a good solution.

Kevin McKernan on Revolutionizing Peer Review

WTMWD - Episode 5: Talking With Ernie Hancock About Covid-19, Vitamin C, the Total State... and This Show

A View of the Covid-19 Crisis From South Korea

Government Covid-19 Response Will Dwarf Economic Damage Done by FDR - Tom Mullen

Censorship of Vitamin C for Covid-19 Info. - As Hospitals in NY Begin to Use it. Why?

Jeffrey Tucker on Covid-19, our reaction, & what it means for liberty