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Thoughts from the Hospital

Why "Rings of Power" Is so Terrible, and Why it Doesn't Matter

I'm Planning a Christmas Party. And it's Important.

Israel and Palestine: Is Peace Possible?

On Fighting Without Fighting

If the victor had fought, she wouldn't have won

An Evening with Naomi Wolf

Grace’s Dad Tells Heartbreaking Story of His Daughter’s Murder at Hospital

Mere Anarchy Loosed Upon the World

Parallel Societies vs Totalitarianism - How to Create a Free World

"Elixir of Fear"

Watch the REPLAY of Build Your Private Parallel Economy Through Crypto Course!

Announcing The Build Your Private Parallel Economy Through Crypto Course


Please Don't Lay the Crimes of the Coercive State at the Feet of Liberalism

Are We All Really Living on "Jones Plantation"?

Gvtaren in the Field

Happy Susan's Still Alive Day!!!

Susan's Still Alive Day... Are You Ready???

The truckers did NOT lose in Canada. They WON. And so can we, however long it takes (if we don't let them panic-and-divide us)

How J.R.R. Tolkien Responded to News of the Atomic Bomb

A Day That Lives in Infamy

The Lesson of Pertinax, Who Was Assassinated While Trying to Fix Rome's Economic Mess

Not So Wild West

The Road to Asbury

A Letter to the Staff of Belmarsh Prison

Indiana Jones And The Lost Enchantment

Capable, Generous Men

Do Vaccines Cause Autism? Breaking it Down with Jeremy Hammond

The Life Force

Dear Artists

Can California be Saved from its Politicians?

I Can Tell You How All of this Happened

Lessons from Tiananmen?

Transcript: Downton Abbey, and the State's Big Power Grab - with Jeff Tucker

Transcript: Downton Abbey, and the State's Big Power Grab - with Jeff Tucker

Downton Abbey, and the State's Big Power Grab - with Jeff Tucker

No, I Don't Support the Troops

In Which a Bunch of White People Lecture Me on the Black Experience and I Am “Outed” as a Casual Racist

What's the Word for this?

I've Just Started Publishing Fiction on Substack!

WTMWD #87 : Why Does there Need to be a Food-Freedom Movement? With Niti the Farmacist

Hitler Learns that Sweden is Doing Fine

Will ChatGPT Steal Kurt Vonnegut's Job?

Why I Won't Be Putting Masks on my Kids

Covid-19: Why Health Emergencies Are Too Important To Be Left To Government Agencies

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Opening Up Membership for "Building Parallel Solutions"

Time to End the State of California

Three Years Ago Today...

Why I'm Not Afraid of ChatGPT

The "Nearly" – A Podcast Manifesto

Do Goldbacks solve sound money's biggest problem?

No, We Weren't "in the Dark" About Early Treatment of Covid-19, or the Potential Dangers of the Vaccines

WTMWD #85: What is a "Directed Evolution Experiment"? And Are we Living in One?

Can You Get "Untainted" Blood if You Need it?

Kunta Kinte Had it Coming

What Will You Do in the Approaching Third World?

Reminder: Congressman Adam Schiff Was Pressuring Big Platforms to Censor Vaccine Content Before Covid-19

Remembering my Father: Boundaries of Order Pilgrimage