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On Forgiveness and "Amnesty"

The Rules of Christmas

You're Unlikely to Go Wrong Assuming Everything the Mainstream Media Says About Alternative Medicine is False

"Markets and Religion Reconciled"

Will the Grinch Steal Christmas?

A Superhero Who Can't Use Violence

Are We Still Already There?

Must We Choose Between Mob Justice and the Police State?

Freeing Doctors to Care for Patients

Why "Joker" is a Disturbing Film, and Why that's Good

When the Criminal Gangs Fight Amongst Themselves

"It's an Inside Job"

WTMWD #83 How the West Brought War to Ukraine

A Halloween Story Almost as Scary as the Past Two Years!

We Are More Free to Create than We Realize

A Quick Tour of the Disinformation Machine

Another Fantastic Call with Another Fantastic Guest!

Happy Halloween from Anarcho Soccer Mom!

What Most People Get Wrong About "Capitalism"

Get Stuff Done this Weekend!

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Human Spirit: The Luddites Revisited

Will Poetry Save the World?

The Opportunities We Still Have to Make Things Better

What I Choose to Remember on 9/11

WTMWD #82: The Get Moving Challenge - How to Unplug and Start Taking Action, with Susan May

Transcending Totalitarian Power

The Pandemic Isn't the Threat - the Paradigm Is

The Power We Have

Loneliness is the Root of Mass Formation

How Government Solved the Health-Care Crisis

Propaganda and the Personal

Why FB's "Fact Check" of Mask Harm Claims is Utter Bullsh*t - Addendum to "Why I Won't Be Putting Masks on my Kids"

Oh No! I'm Back on Twitter!

Shock Report! "Fact Checkers" Remove Article Detailing Bill Gates' Funding of Fact Checkers

Celebrate "Susan's Still Alive Day"!

FB Doesn't Want You to Know that Susan is Still Alive!

Happy "Susan's Still Alive Day"!

Suspended from Twitter for Answering a Question (Honestly)

"Death From Covid" 1884 Edition:


My Twitter Suspension

WTMWD #81: Deep Work for Anarchists - with Starr O'Hara

When the Good Guys Get it Wrong

Will Street Food Save Us All?

It's a Gordian Knot

Debunking the Debunking of VAERS

Building Parallel Solutions: The Early Years

A Little About the Project I am Planning

Another Reason our Task is So Urgent

What IS the "Building Parallel Solutions" Membership Group?

In Which I Explain My New Membership Group

We've Lost a Hero

How to Become a Founding Member

More About the New Membership Group

I'm Starting a Membership Group!

WTMWD #80: My Mutual-Aid Vision for the Future, and Fighting Back Against Medical Tyranny - with Susan May

I Feel Robbed

I'm Starting a Private Substack Publication

Online Classes for Free Minds (Teens)

The Real Reason Libertarians Don't Matter

The lockdowns were not a terrible idea because Covid-19 is not a serious illness.

WTMWD #79: Can Liberty Dollar Save the World?

It's Easter Again and Always

Rhyming with Hiroshima


16 Children's Books You Didn't Know Were Anti-Authoritarian...

What Twitter Should Do

WTMWD #78: Not Crypto, Not Barter - Could XClave Bux Be the Alternative Currency We Need?

Enter to Win a Free Copy of "Annabel Pickering & the Sky Pirates"!

Billy Rainbow and the Sexual-Justice Warriors

Can 1990s Vietnam Teach Americans how to Protect their Wealth from Inflation?

Replace "Mubarak" with "Trudeau"...

I speak with Kerry McDonald about our escape from California, and our radical education venture, Freogan Fellowship Learning

Thank You for Your Patience!

Freogan Fellowship Classes Start Monday!

Father Brown and the "Religion" of Libertarianism

"Can Poetry Save the World?"